Simple Tips to Consolidate Households During a Move

Sometimes you have to move two households into one. This can be downright challenging, frustrating at times. This is because you are essentially talking about two lives merging as one. And if you find yourself in the predicament of merging or consolidating two entirely different households during a move, then you’re in luck because we have some tips to make the consolidation a lot easier.

  • Make an inventory of everything

Since the main issue in consolidating households items is that you will not really have enough space in the new home to accommodate all the different stuff from both households. As such, it is imperative that you take an inventory of everything that you own. Hopefully, your partner will also do the same in his or her own house.

  • Decide which ones need to go and which ones can be kept in the new home

As the natural offshoot of making an inventory, identifying which among these items you intend to keep and which ones you’re willing to let go can help in the consolidation. Typically, if both houses have the same items, then you will have to talk with your partner as to who will give up which.

  • Consider storing items with sentimental value in rental units

During the inventory making you will definitely encounter some items that you simply cannot part ways with. Unfortunately, you cannot bring these items to your new home either since there simply isn’t any space left. In such situations you might want to consider moving and relocation companies that have storage rental units. For a fee, you can have your own ‘safe’ for all the items that you hold dear yet you cannot take with you.

  • Consider selling than moving certain items

There will always be items that are best sold and new ones bought. This is often observed in moves that cover long distances; for example, international relocation. In such activities, you will definitely be better off selling certain items in your possession rather than moving them altogether. For example, instead of moving your bed from Miami to Houston, you’ll find selling it in Miami and then using the proceeds of the sale to buy a new bed in Houston to be a more practical solution. That way you can also use the space vacated by the bed in the moving vehicle for your other stuff using any Houston moving companies.

  • Coordinate with the moving company in consolidating items from 2 households

If both houses are located in the same neighborhood or city and will relocate to another city or state, consolidating the households is pretty straightforward using any moving companies in Katy. This is because some moving companies provide extra pick-ups of items to be moved together with the original requesting party. The idea is for the moving company to pick all of your things first before picking up the things from the other house using the same vehicle.

Consolidating or merging two households can be challenging especially if the target destination is relatively smaller than the two combined. Regardless, with these tips you can simplify the merging process.